We talk to the leaders in the wind industry about how to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy to ensure a successful energy transition in the US and beyond. This is the premier event where leading wind US entrepreneurs can do business.


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This is a private dinner for selected Financing Wind speakers on the evening before the conference. This will take place in a luxurious setting near the conference venue.


The first day of Financing Wind North America will look at the biggest issues around the growth of US onshore and offshore wind, and the impact of politicians. Speakers will discuss the end of the PTC, transmission traumas, US offshore wind, and more.

Morning: The big issues (PTC / investment / transmission)

Afternoon: US offshore wind


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Keynote Speaker

Panel discussion


Post-2020 Vision: Where now for US wind?

This session will tackle questions about the prospects for wind in the next 3-5 years:

  • How will the industry cope with the end of the PTC?
  • What influence will the 2020 election have on wind?
  • Will the lack of parity with solar hinder the industry?
  • Should US onshore wind be receiving tax credits?
  • Where are the most exciting areas for developers and investors?
Ravina Advani, Head of Energy Natural Resources & Renewables, BNP Paribas
Vikas Anand, CEO, GE Renewable Energy - Onshore Wind Americas
Tristan Grimbert, CEO and President, EDF
Ed Zaelke, Head of Energy Project Finance Practice, McDermott Will & Emery - Moderator

Panel discussion


Investor Forum: Where’s the money going?

This session will see institutional and PE investor discussing key trends in finance:

  • What are the key trends affecting the pricing of wind assets?
  • How much merchant risk are they prepared to take?
  • Are they primarily focused on buying projects or platforms?
  • How important is wind to these investors compared to solar?
  • How can companies cope with the increase in merchant risk?
Dan Brown, MD - Utilities, Power & Renewable Energy, KeyBanc Capital Markets
David Burton, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright - Moderator
Frank Nicklaus, Partner, Greentech Capital Advisors
Himanshu Saxena, CEO, Starwood Energy

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Finance Guru: Debt, equity, tax and more

This session will feature a finance expert discussing the big issues in funding:

  • What are the biggest issues in the tax equity market?
  • Which are the most active types of equity investors and why?
  • What innovations in project structuring should we look out for?
  • What are the biggest obstacles to project finance in the next five years?
David Giordano, Global Head of Renewables, BlackRock

Panel discussion


Transmission Impossible: Can we fix it?

This session will tackle questions related to problems with the transmission network:

  • How are transmission problems hampering investment?
  • How can companies tackle problems with transmission?
  • How can the US integrate offshore wind into the grid?
  • What impact is this having on the siting of new projects?
  • Will energy storage help with the management of these grid issues?
James Avery, Partner, Pierce Atwood - Moderator
Kris Zadlo, SVP, Commercial Analytics, Regulatory Affairs & Transmission, Invenergy

Networking Lunch

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Afternoon Keynote: Offshore wind overview

John DeTore, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

Panel discussion


Offshore Gold Rush: How big and how fast?

This session will look at the growth and financing of US east coast offshore wind:

  • How realistic are the forecasts of fast expansion of offshore wind?
  • Will federal government hinder the growth of this new industry?
  • What does Vineyard Wind tell us about offshore wind’s prospects?
  • What funding solutions will take new schemes to financial close?
  • What lessons are there from Europe and are they being learned?
Alfred Griffin, President, NY Green Bank
Chris Hart, President, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind
Martin Neubert, CEO, Ørsted
Beth Waters, Managing Director, MUFG
Karen Wong, Partner, Milbank - Moderator

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Floating Guru: How to unlock the Pacific

This session will feature an expert talking about the latest progress in floating wind:

  • What is the state of the floating wind market globally?
  • What will it take to unlock offshore wind in the Pacific?
  • How long until floating tech reaches commercial maturity?
  • What are the prospects for building a west coast supply chain?
João Metelo, CEO, Principle Power

Panel discussion


A New Hope: Building an offshore supply chain

This session will look at the potential to build a strong offshore wind supply chain:

  • How close are we to developing a strong offshore supply chain?
  • Can this bring hope and jobs to deprived coastal communities?
  • Are companies any closer to solutions regarding the Jones Act?
  • How will this benefit Boston and the wider US northeast?
Gunnar Groebler, SVP of Wind, Vattenfall
Steve Lockard, CEO, TPI Composites
Stephen Pike, CEO, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Closing Remarks


Gala Dinner


The second day of Financing Wind North America will look at how companies in the wind sector can negotiate various aspects of the climate crisis and growing demand for green energy. Speakers will discuss PPAs, the climate crisis, net zero, and more.

Morning: Planning for the revolution
(hotspots / climate crisis / net zero)

Afternoon: The future of wind
(corporates / turbine tech / wind in 2040)


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Keynote Speaker

Panel discussion


Climate Crisis: How will it affect portfolios?

This session will look at the impact of the climate crisis on investment activities:

  • What impact will the changing climate have on investor portfolios?
  • How can investors mitigate risks that the climate crisis raises?
  • Will fossil fuel divestments help the renewable energy sector?
  • How can companies get a strong and diversified portfolio?
  • Does this put pure-play wind companies at a disadvantage?
Tom Festle, CFO, RWE Renewables
Miguel Ángel Prado, CEO, EDP Renewables North America
Raya Treiser, Energy and Environmental Attorney, WilmerHale
Florian Zerhusen, CEO and President, BayWa r.e.

Networking Coffee Break

Panel discussion


Race To Net Zero: How best to cut emissions?

This session will look at the role of wind as firms and countries plan for net zero:

  • Is it likely that the US will commit to net zero carbon emissions?
  • Who’s going to take the lead and what role are PPAs set to play?
  • How can wind cut its emissions – and it is at risk if it doesn’t?
  • What technology innovations will help firms to reach these goals?
  • Will carbon pricing help drive change among corporates?
Stuart Murray, Principal Head of Energy Management, AFRY Management Consulting - Moderator

Panel discussion


US Onshore Hotspots: Where to invest next

This session will look at how developers can thrive in key Midwestern markets:

  • Where will we see the most demand in the next 3-5 years?
  • What are the biggest issues for developers in these states?
  • What changes are we seeing in state support for wind?
  • How can developers foster great community relations?
  • How can the industry respond to false claims about wind?
Gabriel Alonso, CEO & President, 547 Energy
Vishal Kapadia, CFO Onshore, Ørsted
Durham McCormick Jr., Partner, McGuireWoods - Moderator
Georgios Papadimitriou, Head of Enel Green Power USA and Canada
Michael Rucker, CEO, Scout Clean Energy

Networking Lunch

Panel discussion


Corporate Off-Takers: Opening PPAs for all

This session will look at questions related to corporates signing wind PPAs:

  • How big will the corporate PPAs market grow over 3-5 years?
  • Is standardisation needed to enable smaller firms to sign PPAs?
  • What are the latest innovations we’re seeing in PPA structures?
  • Do firms use PPAs as a fig leaf to avoid bigger environmental actions?
  • Do companies need to look at using distributed renewables?
Vanessa Miler Fels, Renewable Energy and Sustainability Strategist, Microsoft
Rochelle Rabeler, Partner, Holland & Hart - Moderator

Networking Coffee Break

One-to-one interview


Turbines Guru: Bigger machines and profitability

This session will feature a turbines expert talking about new turbine evolutions:

  • How big and advanced can offshore and onshore wind turbines get?
  • What impact could Trump-inspired trade wars have on manufacturers?
  • How cheap can wind get and companies still be profitable?
  • How will these changes affect the financial returns of projects?
  • What impact will these developments have on the supply chain?

Panel discussion


Wind In 2040: Where will we be in 20 years’ time?

This session will look at the big questions for wind in the next two decades:

  • How big could turbines get and how will that affect returns?
  • How much wind, solar and storage can we expect on the grid?
  • How should we deal with the increasing number of ageing projects?
  • Will offshore wind become a key part of the US electricity network?
  • Can the growth of EV charging infrastructure help the wind sector?
Balki Iyer, Co-Founder and CGO, Utopus Insights
Steve Ryder, CFO, Clearway Energy
David Sale, CEO, Goldwind Americas
Elise Zoli, Partner, Jones Day - Moderator

Closing Remarks


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