Thank you for everyone who joined us at Financing Wind North America.

From today’s discussions, it’s clear some of us can’t wait for the PTC to come to an end, and usher in a new phase of renewable energy trading.

But, with the tax credit set to run until 2024, the US still has a lot to gain from incentives. With this ‘safety net’ still in place, now is the time to work on removing obstacles to future growth.

North American wind is a very resilient product, in a very resilient market. Speaking of resilience – and overcoming challenges – we’d like to extend our well-wishes to Georgios Papadimitriou of Enel Green Power. Why?
Well, as we all know, live events are full of unexpected hurdles – Georgios faced one of the most unusual hurdles, that we’ve ever seen – a 4.2 richter scale earthquake.We hope all is well in Athens – and well done to all for keeping the show on the road!

To catch up on more of today, watch our closing trailer.